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Primal Dating Instinct

Beautiful women have always been more desirable to men. Ideal physical beauty has been found to be a manifestation of good genes and men have instinctively gravitated towards this genetic advantage. And in exchange they have sought to offer women a degree of security by providing for them and protecting them from dangers.

Women, on the other hand, have understood men's weakness for beauty and tried to find and meet men according to how beautiful they think they themselves are. The more beautiful the woman, the richer, healthier and more family-oriented husband she sought, in order to better secure a future for herself, and her offspring.

But changing job roles have ensured a woman's ability to provide and ensure her own well being. Women no longer need a man for the purpose. Logically, therefore, a man's wealth should not be a factor for a woman to decide his eligibility for marriage. But interestingly enough, as a recent article has pointed out, rich men are still attractive to beautiful women.

The women in question may just be seeking to better their status in life, indulge themselves in luxuries, or be simply intrigued by a man who has power, intelligence or wealth. Affluent men may not only be seeking a woman with better genes but also looking for arm candy, a woman to flaunt their wealth and even sexual potency.

Apparently, even today, the more beautiful the woman, the more she thinks she is deserving of a rich husband. Qualities like family commitment and health are also important, whereas outward appearance, inner values or similar interests seems to be less important when it comes time to making a decision about choosing a mate. Most men too go for outer rather than inner beauty, making a woman's beauty her best qualification for marriage.

In an age where beauty can be found off the shelves or by going under the knife, men ought to be perhaps more discriminating: women tend to get the better end of the bargain in this matching of the rich and the beautiful. In our modern, evolved times, it is fascinating to note that some things have not changed; a deep-seated primal instinct still affects one of the most important decisions of our lives.

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