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Dating The Perfect Man

It is every single woman's dream to meet Prince Charming. Even though it has long become a cliche, and not many women would freely admit today that they still cherish dreams of marrying a handsome prince, this is indeed the case.

Beefcake still makes a woman weak at the knees, and an angular jaw and smooth pick-up lines could send her into wide-eyed admiration. So although appearances may be superficial, but they still make the first impression on most women.

A woman's mating instinct is to look for healthy genes in a partner, and a handsome, virile man is on top of the list of desirables. The younger the woman, the more the appreciation of appearances; with age, women learn the importance of looking below the surface for qualities like intellect, patience, understanding and kindness because these are the things that make relationships last.

Trustworthiness and fidelity count with women; so the perfect man needs to have these attributes. Typically, as a recent dating article points out, even a younger woman not looking for marriage would also look for trustworthiness. For women looking for marriage, commitment and being family-oriented would be sterling qualities in a perfect man.

A sense of humor is always a great quality in a man; a woman likes the idea of a man who can make her laugh. It is supposed to be a quality that makes a man great to live with: if he can make you laugh, it is thought that he can make you happy.

Depending on the woman, the ideal man could be dependable or spontaneous, or preferably both. One of the factors that most women would like to see in their perfect man is ambition: a drive to achieve success in life. An active lifestyle is another plus, as opposed to a beer-guzzling couch potato.

Last but not the least quality that women look for in male perfection is a man's ability to keep up with women on all counts, and not give in all the time. A man who is flexible yet firm is a universal favorite. A perfect man is a dream come true for single women, and every woman has her own individual dream.

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