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How To Introduce Your Date

As senior singles, you shouldn't get hung up on relationship jargon. It's important to remember that dating is about the heart and that at heart, we are all "boys" and "girls." It's true that our politically correct culture wisely encourages us to refer to everyone in the most dignified terms available. But these rules are for the work environment, for public institutions, and for the town square.

Dating, on the other hand, is a more intimate matter. Here, emotional vulnerability is not only permitted, it is vital for a healthy relationship. Words like "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" remind others and remind ourselves that we are, at any age, still human beings capable of giving and receiving love, approval, and affection. Alternative terms like "significant other" and "partner" may seem less risky, but they actually send a subtle message that our vanity preempts our basic human needs.

Over time these dry, loveless, pragmatic words can do real emotional damage, creating a kind of mythology that the matchup is nothing more than a dry, loveless, pragmatic arrangement. Words have tremendous emotional power. The words we choose impact those around us and, most assuredly, ourselves. It's important to use words that affect us positively - words that invite goodness, love, and emotional prosperity into our lives.

Words like "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" do just that, perhaps most especially if we are mature, seasoned adults, because they keep us connected to the most fundamental part of ourselves. And when we use these words in public, we encourage others to let their hair down too. We remind our friends and neighbors that we are all more than just public facades. What could be more wise, mature, and dignified than that?

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