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The Benefits of Speed Dating

One of the hottest new trends in dating is speed dating and for some very good reasons. Imagine meeting a person on a date only to find out that you have nothing to talk about. Experts say that you either have a connection or you don't and you can usually tell within the first couple of minutes of a date.

Speed dating is just that – dating at warp speed. You meet at a coffee shop or club with 20-some other singles and in a round-robin style, the men move from table to table, meeting a new woman every few minutes. Imagine that you meet someone you have nothing in common with – dead air hangs over you like a weight. On a real date, you would have two hours of excruciating silences and forced talk, but with speed dating, you only have to endure a few short minutes.

The other bonus with speed dating is that you don't have to worry about face to face rejection. If you don't hit it off, that's okay, you just move on to the next single, saying good bye to the last in a friendly way. There's no dead silence, there's no forced small talk and there's no abrupt rejections.

If you do meet someone you get along with, you can exchange information during social time at some round robin speed dating socials, in other situations you can let the coordinator know that you are interested in a particular person or persons. If there is mutual interest, the contact information will then be shared with you and your date interest.

Speed dating saves a lot of time, especially for busy people who work all week. They can't spend every Friday and Saturday night at a club hoping to meet someone – speed dating is primarily targeted to more established singles that are looking for some fun or a relationship but don't have the time to regularly date or go out on the prowl for one.

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