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Dating Tips on One Night Stands

It is one of those age-old dating questions that plague single men and women everywhere. Should they go on a one-night stand with someone they just met for the first time, or should they wait until a meaningful relationship has formed between them before taking the plunge?

The answer is it depends on what he or she wants out of their forays in the dating scene. A lot of things can happen on a date with someone for the first time. This is something that everyone that is cruising through the dating circuit knows about. A first date can become so disastrous that it ends up with someone walking out before the date has ended. On the other hand, it could be so great that the two of them agreed to see each other again soon. Or, it could be so attracting that the two of them ended up spending time under the covers.

Society is slowing viewing one-night stands as nothing new or shocking. The liberal interpretation is the act of sharing intimate moments with someone new and exciting is okay provided that everyone walks away from it without any dire consequences. This means to always take the proper precautions with respect to safety and pregnancy. Additionally, the one steadfast rule with one-night stands is one should not expect to find their date beside them after the deed is done. To be blunter, one might as well expect not to receive a phone call from him or her any time soon or if ever.

As fun as one-night stands are, engaging in one usually imply that one is not looking for long-term commitment. Rather, it is more about being in the moment versus being in the game for the long haul. On the flip side, if one abstains from engaging in such behaviors, it signals that they are waiting for someone to share themselves with in a more meaningful way versus acts of instant gratifications.

It may sound old-school, but that is just how it is. That is part of our genome. So, if you are asking yourself whether or not you should go on a one-night stand, figure out for yourself what it is that you want out of dating. If you are just looking for fun, then by all means share your intent with the date to see if there's fun to be had. But if you are looking for a long-term commitment, it may be wise to wait first before jumping into bed with your date. Waiting can be worth it, after all.

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