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Break The Bad Dating Cycle

Bad dates leave you with a bad taste in the mouth: most times figuratively, but if you are unlucky enough, sometimes even literally. It could be boring, unpleasant or plain insufferable, and most of the time people know when a person is not right for them right at the first date.

But then finding love is all about taking a chance and singles often go out on a limb to overlook the problems in a first date. They want to give it another chance and hope that the second one would be better than the first. A second bad date could also be the result of sheer loneliness, where people take up whatever they get, in preference to soap reruns and heated TV dinners on a Friday night. A person without a solid circle of friends, for whatever reasons, is more likely to go out with the same person more than once.

The opposite is true at other times, when you have been set up on a date by your friend, and give it a second try just so as not to hurt the friend. Or, as a recent dating article points out, you continue with a bad date to simply fit in. Everyone in your circle of family and friends is already hooked up with someone or the other and you resent the idea showing up at a group party without a partner. So a bad date often becomes better than no date.

When you have been out more than once with somebody you do not like much, you feel a kind of obligation to continue further. You can't bring yourself to say no to your dating partner's face when they ask you out a third or fourth time, and so the saga continues. You are saddled with someone you'd rather not see or be seen with, but there is little you do about it.

It saves a lot of pain and irritation to recognize a bad date for what it is: an unpleasant situation, to be discontinued immediately. It is better to keep your dating interactions brief till you are absolutely sure you want to date a person. Your date does not get all sorts of ideas in his or her head, and you can have a happy and fulfilling dating life.

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