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Dating: There's an App for That

Remember when internet dating used to be kind of scandalous? It was a new thing, and singles were leery of it, even looked down on it quite a bit.

Well, dating online is a common place, now. Everyone does it. The new "scandal" is dating by cellphone. And by that, I don't mean calling someone up for a few risque minutes, I mean using your phone to flirt, text and even arrange meet-ups with an entire user base of singles that are hooking up by cell phone.

Flirtomatic is a mobile phone dating service that's getting ready to break big in the United States. It's already achieved a fair amount of success in England, and it's amassed the capital to venture into the United States.

Mobile dating is still new, but Flirtomatic isn't the only service out there. There's MeetMoi, BigCafe, and others, and the big name dating websites like are getting into the game, as well. What distinguishes Flirtomatic from the pack is that it's a free service.

The other sites breaking into this new arena are subscription-based, whereas Flirtomatic lets you flirt by cellphone for free. However, if you want to send special, extra-flirty messages, or send flirts to several people at once, you'll have to pay a small fee, charged right to your cell phone bill, to do it.

According to this article, the difference between "traditional" online dating, and dating by cell phone is the "fun factor." Some single people go online looking for the love of their life, and others are just looking for casual dates. Cell phone dating is meant to appeal to the singles who are just looking for fun dates.

So what ever your dating goals, there is now an app for that.

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