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Today, many dating couples that know they are going to stay together in the New Year might want to change some aspects of the relationship. Among other things, some might want to engage in physical intimacy, while others may want to spice things up a bit. Regardless of which category, people the world over have asked the same kinds of questions since the beginning of time.

Not surprisingly, different cultures have come up with some unique answers. Among other things, many advocate sleeping without any clothes. This is touted as a wonderful way to increase and maintain physical bonds. Aside from making it easier to have intercourse, even cuddling can take on a whole new level intimacy when there are no clothes involved.

That said, some cultures have gone to some length to explain and preserve information about the best ways to improve intimate relations. As an example, the Kama Sutra documents everything from postures to methods for finding and giving satisfaction. Today, this book is credited with reviving sparks in relationships that seemed long gone cold.

For other couples, Tantric practices may have some appeal. This type of intercourse seeks to combine spiritual goals with physical intimacy. Depending on your level of romance, you may or may not want to delve into this one right way. That said, each relationship has special and unique dynamics that are best known by the partners involved in it.

If you are looking ahead to the New Year, you might want to consider what kind of physical intimacy you want to have with your dating partner. As may be expected, an open and sincere discussion about this issue can be rewarding as well as satisfying for both of you. Today, there are many books and guides available to give you some ideas about methods that have worked well for other people.

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