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Whenever you meet someone new, you know that first impressions mean a lot. For that reason, you may not do the things you normally do in front of a close friend you have known for years. You present yourself as someone who the other person might find to be admirable and attractive. However, some of these attractive qualities are not what shine through all of the time. We all have our moments where we don't hold ourselves up as well as we should. This usually happens in challenging times and in these challenging times we present our true selves, our character.

In an article by Michele Gazzolo, Life is no walk on the beach..., the author discusses how character rises from stressful and challenging situations. She believes that dating should consist of a series of tests to bring out the true person's character. Character is what will make you decide whether you want to be with this person for the rest of your life. If this person is able to help you when the chips are down and able to handle situations with you, then you are more likely to know if you will be compatible with that person.

She touches on something very true about people in their social environment. Being a part of a challenging event will cause both men and women to lower their abilities to display a false presentation of themselves. Instead, their wall of representation falls and their true self will emerge. You will see what kind of person your date will be if you present them with a challenging event. Challenging your date will help you see how well you both can deal with a situation together and if this man or woman can be your love partner through life.

It is also important to keep in mind that people will react differently to different situations. Just because someone overreacts or doesn't handle one stressful situation well, doesn't mean that they will not handle others in a better way. So don't rule out someone just because you encounter one experience with them that doesn't go well. It's a series of challenges that counts and truly will tell you what kind of person you are with.

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