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Dating with Christian Values

Many people feel chivalry and courting is dead due to the rise of a woman's prominence in the world. Not even 100 years ago, women were dressed head-to-toe in heavy garments, expected to stay home and cook, and, in some cases, forbidden to have any resemblance of a career. Today's woman is on an equal playing field with the men. She wears a business suit, drives a nice car, and doesn't need anyone to hunt a Mammoth for her.

As women came into their own, the need to act slowly and respectful slowly fizzled out. Single women initiate dating relationships today, should they choose, and a lot are far too busy to hold hands while walking through the park. But the amount of singles in the world, single mothers, divorced parents and those in need of therapy provide the writing for the gigantic wall. Maybe a Christian-like, chivalrous value set is needed in some cases.

Getting to know your date and how he or she view life isn't a bad thing. Only dating partners who share your values on family; share your commitment to monogamy, this isn't a bad thing, nor is it small-mindedness. It's simply what some dating singles used to prefer. As you look into the past, you'll notice that the divorce rates tend to rise every decade. As we put less stress on the importance of dating a person with good values, and more emphasis on quickly hooking up and notching our bed posts, children born to single parents, crime, poverty, and the need for medial drugs is all on the rise. Is it all connected?

You can't get around it; how you were raised tells the tale of who you become when you grow up. If you doubt this for a second, visit your local prison and ask the inmates how flower-filled and lovely there childhoods were. Quick hookups and meaningless connections may seem like a good idea in your time-pressed life, but simply take a look at how we're evolving as a society. Things are moving far too fast for anyone's good.

You don't have to don a suit of armor and mount a horse to be chivalrous, nor do you have to carry a travel bible in your rear pocket to employ a Christian-like value set. Respecting your partner, taking your time, and making sure you found the right person is the best way to find a lasting relationship. Your children will thank you.

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