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Pari Livermore began matchmaking when she was in high school. She would sit in opposing team football game bleachers to meet students from other schools so she could set them up with her classmates. She was so successful in finding husbands and long term mates for her friends that she decided to do it for a living and for charity.

Pari Livermore of Affar de Coeur (Hearts Afire) is a professional match maker for 30-60 year old high profile singles. Ms. Livermore has matched up executives, doctors, beauty pageant winners and princesses. She does not charge anyone anything except either a donation to charity or volunteering their time.

Her business has resulted in 200 marriages and over three million dollars for charities such as, American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the American Heart Association. How it works is that Ms. Livermore find male patrons and asks them to donate $10,000 (some donate more and some less) a year to charity. Then she finds 100 single women who are willing to volunteer their time to be part of her Red and White Ball committee. This committee organizes a charity event every other year which attracts more than 1,000 guests. The rest of her charity donations come from the guests who purchase tickets.

Ms. Livermore has a gift in finding singles their mates. Her friends say that she is really good at listening and asking questions, not dismissing what people want in a life partner and have an outstanding intuition. When she finds people who she thinks will match up, she will invite them to the party and let the matchmaking magic happen.

This professional matchmaker is extending her wisdom in a new book in which she discusses things women should never do such as divulge their age. Her husband of 19 years still doesn't know her age. She also discusses the goodness of cooking for your date as well as why women should never say, "I love you" first in a relationship.

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