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Mail-Order Brides: A Thing of the Past

New legislation has decreed that American men may not use an online dating service to correspond with women from another country, such as Russia, unless they are fully investigated first. Private information is then looked over and decided upon whether the man is "suitable" to have contact with these foreign women.

The information provided is quite personal. They do a thorough background check to see if the perspective male suitor is a sex-offender, has a criminal record or has ever been arrested, whether he has ever been married and how many times as well as how many children he has.

The companies most affected by the IMBRA legislation are internet based international introduction agencies and foreign matchmaking services. But in general, any online dating company that does not comply with these new rules and regulations are subject to fines of up to $25,000 and any VIPs in the company can spend as much as 5 years in prison. The outcry is that the women on these "mail order bride" websites are not investigated, only the men, and particularly American men at that.

This legislation was put in place to protect the potential international brides from any type of domestic abuse. This means that a man is penalized for a crime he may never commit in the first place. With identity theft being so rampant on the internet, doesn't this put these men at risk for cyber crimes against them? How does he know that the person on the other end is not trying to pull a scam on them using the very information that is supposed to protect her?

These new regulations apply to any and every woman that is not a citizen of the United States and even includes Canada. So if you are a man that is interested in dating a woman that is not from the United States, beware when signing on to a matrimonial or marriage agency site that offers interested Russian women or other foreign ladies for online chat or even marriage. You may just find yourself in a world of trouble you never signed up for.

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