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Taking the traditional rules of engagement to a whole new, playful level, fitness experts and singles that are too active to seek their love connections solely by chance are trying something new. With a full regimen of aerobic activity and calisthenics to keep their youthful bodies tight, firm, and sexy, health conscious daters can find others whose values match their own by finding fitness speed dating events online.

While many personal ads at matchmaking sites claim athletics as a character and an awesome physique as an offering and turn on, experience proves that some of these profiles are reminiscent rather than reflective of the creators' present reality. Firm, toned thighs and a hot six-pack require hard work in the gym and deliver active interactions between the sheets.

That's where fitness speed dating events help to sift through the true athletes. With a fitness coach showing moves that seduce the audience, athletes and would-be athletes meet for five-minute sessions that include calisthenics, exercises to improve flexibility, and workouts that try the most committed athletes. In such conditions, it's nearly impossible for the pretenders in the group to remain hidden. This works well for true athletes seeking others with similar interests, but it doesn't always work so well for the rest of us singles that feel completely deserving of a rock-solid lover who appreciates an easy chair lifestyle.

In these early days of fitness speed dating, it's hard to tell if such athletic meet ups will be as successful as those forged at internet personals web sites dedicated to love connections. What is certain is that such active match making will leave lovers breathless, spent, and intoxicated on adrenaline. Already, the future of fitness speed dating sounds attractive and seductive. Some lovers may find that it is worth the opportunity to get in shape to make love connections work off line, too.

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