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Technology has been a great utility for many people. It has made life easier and helped businesses grow. It has also made it easier for singles to connect with others who have common interests. Unfortunately, this includes people who are looking for an affair. Online dating services have made it easier to cheat because of the freedom it brings to meeting singles in any given area. However, it also has made it easier to catch cheaters.

With the freedom of online dating agencies comes exposure. Many people have been searching the internet to find out if their significant others are having an affair. Although people have become smarter about deleting e-mails, text messages and voice mails, online personals web sites have made it a little more difficult to cover affair tracks. Many people have found that their other half have been cheating by simply typing their spouse's name in a search engine. The search engine brings up an online dating agency as well as some information suggesting that their spouse is looking to meet singles in the area.

This form of evidence has become much more popular in divorce courts across the country. The courts will not accept calls made to the same number repeatedly as proof for an affair anymore. The Data Protection Act states that if someone does not have permission to access someone's private cell phone or e-mail, then it is considered unauthorized access to records. However, if the information is presented publicly like on online dating sites, there is no need for permission. When you have a profile with your spouse's name and it stating specifically that he or she is looking to meet someone, which is enough evidence to prove infidelity. Cheaters beware, you can be caught. It may seem like an easy way to have an affair without your partner knowing but you are also in plain view.

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